Each small gesture has a major impact on our community.

It is crucial to recognize that access to education is a fundamental right of every child, regardless of family or economic situation. Thus, by ensuring that orphaned and disadvantaged children are educated and taught, we can help provide them with opportunities to develop and reach their maximum potential. We must ensure that these children have access to the necessary educational resources and a complete training, both intellectually and professionally, by offering them scholarships and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

We provide essential assistance to families in need, as well as health and support services to those who are ill, elderly, disabled or handicapped. We recognize the importance of everyone’s health and well-being, ensuring that vulnerable people have access to quality care and assistance and support tailored to their specific needs By investing in these services, we can help improve the quality of life of these people and reduce social inequalities in health.

We always act in the promotion and respect of every human being. Together, let's put a smile on the faces of our little ones and their families.



To provide education and instruction to orphaned and disadvantaged children, and to pay special attention to their intellectual and vocational training by offering them scholarships and all the resources necessary for their learning.



To provide health and support services to the sick, the elderly, the disabled and Handicapped.



To work in areas aimed at the promotion and respect of every human being regardless of his religious and ideological affiliation.



To ensure that we provide an adequate and welcoming home for the healthy development of our community’s youth.

Make a difference, one step at a time.

The St. Zacharias Association encourages and promotes the recognition and respect of all human beings, regardless of their religious or ideological affiliation. By recognizing the value of each individual, we can work together to create a more inclusive and equitable world. This can be done by developing initiatives to promote cultural, religious and linguistic diversity, creating spaces for dialogue and mutual understanding, and encouraging cooperation and empathy between communities. By working for these values, we can help build a more harmonious society that respects all human beings.