For the children of Lebanon.

The Association Saint-Zacharie helps unfortunate families and children. We want to make a difference in the well-being of children around the world, from education to health. We always act in the promotion and respect of every human being. Together, let’s put a smile on the faces of our little ones and their families.


Because of its old age, the house needs restoration and redevelopment; the same is true of its furniture. The socio- economic crisis in Lebanon with its serious consequences, particularly on poor families, is already prompting us to consider restructuring the house in order to be able to accommodate fourty children and improve their living conditions. To this end, a feasibility study of a preliminary project has been done. But such a project could not be realized without the contribution and financial support of everyone, especially foreign aid agencies.


Provide education and teaching to orphans and underprivileged children, and take special care of their intellectual and professional training by offering them scholarships and all the resources necessary for their learning.

Helping families in need and providing health and support services to the sick, elderly, disabled or disabled.

Work in areas aimed at promoting and respecting all human beings, regardless of their religious and ideological affiliation.


Seeds of Hope Home , which occupies the house of the late Bishop Zacharie in Harissa,was opened in 1990 to accommodate children aged 5 to 15, orphans or from families living in precarious situation and unable to provide their children with either well-being or adequate education. It provides them with school education, food, clothing and insurance. The house in its current state can only accommodates about 20 children.